Not Your Average Beauty School Dropout

Hi friends!

I'm starting this series for those of you that are 1: curious about the esthetics industry, 2: curious about Tennessee School Of Beauty, or 3: just keeping up with my lifestyle (blog posts). I started this past Tuesday, January, 22nd 2019 at Tennessee School Of Beauty here in Knoxville Tennessee. I was extremely nervous, excited, and anxious about this huge change from high school to esthetics school. I didn't know what to expect, new people, new teachers, a whole new style of school in general... it all seemed so surreal. I had been dreaming of starting this school since I opened my business "Makeup By Grace Mears" around 3 and half years ago. I went and toured different programs here in Knoxville and got to see what each of them offered.

I chose TSB for the medical approach they take in the curriculum they teach. They teach product base and how to understand the ingredients. TSB also came highly recommended by the top of the line estheticians that practice here in Knoxville. If you're deciding what School is for you, go tour! Everyone is looking for something different in a school, ex: Aveda has a very natural approach to things while TSB has a more ingredient/ medical approach to teaching. Its all up to you and your personality and where you want to work.

My first week at Tennessee School of Beauty consisted of hands on learning, studying, reading, taking notes, and a quiz. YES, we have quizzes and tests in beauty school. This week was a lot 'harder' then even I expected. We are expected at the end of this course to pass a state board practical exam and a theory/written exam. Therefore each week is jam packed with information, notes, quizzes, and hands on learning experiences. By the end of next week we will be expected to give a full facial treatment. In the next six weeks we will practice all services taught to us on each other. Getting first hand experiences of how different treatments feel and give results. Our skin will go through a "purge" while we experience these various treatments. After six weeks we are introduced to the "clinic" and will be able to take clients.

I will complete a total number of 750 hours while I am at Tennessee School Of Beauty. This is required by state board. Each state requires different amounts of hours required to be licensed. We only receive a select amount of absences, leave early, or tardies while we are in attendance due to the program being hourly. My expected graduation date is in June of 2019. So that means officially "walking" and graduating High School and then graduating esthetics school with in a month-ish of each other.

I hope you've enjoyed reading a small snip of my first week at TSB. I can't wait to share more with you as I learn, experience, and give treatments.TSB feels like somewhere I am meant to be! Somewhere my dreams will unfold and flourish right before my eyes! I cannot thank you enough for spending part of your day reading this post!



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