Not your average beauty school drop out

Hey friends!!! I finished beauty school (claps👏🏻)! I’m so glad I’m finished and thankful for the many memories and friendships I made at Tennessee School Of Beauty. So if you’re wondering if the beauty school rumors are true the answer is partly. Yes the tests are hard, not just a free pass. It kinda reminded me of high-school just all girls... cliques, drama, etc. Especially having cosmetology and esthetics in the same building. Some days were better than others. Some days I really thought I wouldn’t make it to 750 hours at that place. And other days, I was reminded why I do what I do. Beauty school involved a whole lot more then just washing someone’s face and making them feel pretty. It involved scrubbing the public toilets, sweating and cleaning until my pink shoes were black (literally) and much more. BUT! I know one day I will know exactly how it felt to do those jobs, because It definitely isn’t in the typical “esthetician” job description. It involved some days where multiple people were ready to call it quits. It’s hard to work with only women for 6 months in the same four walls. Over all I’m so thankful for my time at Tennessee School Of Beauty, it made me grow up really fast. It taught me that you should be a voice for people that sometimes can’t speak or tell their own story, no matter how much trouble you get in. I made friends with women that were twice my age. They became my second moms. They knew exactly what to say and when to say It just to get me through the day. I knew walking in as the youngest person in the class would be different, but I’m so thankful for different. I knew I would be so disconnected to my high school friends because I wasn’t there anymore. But, Ellie (my beauty school bestie) was also my age so it was like I had a high school friend too! We got to walk through the same emotions together as high school came to an end and beauty school started because no one really got it. If you’re thinking about beauty school don’t think of it as plan B. You have to truly love and want to work in the beauty field, and again it’s not always “beauty”. Many times you’re a therapist and a friend to a stranger. Working at school 30+ hours a week with homework, projects and test every week, plus working 10+ hours during the week and pretty much a wedding or prom on the weekends was ALOT! I’m so thankful for how my business has grown but I need a nap lol!! Heres to the rest of the summer before the scrubs return again!

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