When getting a customized sunless tan, please remember bronzers do show up immediately. Some bronzers are darker than others; some clients choose to not plan events immediately after receiving a tan, before the first rinse off. It is important to note that the bronzers are not the actual color of the tan, they are simply a guide.


  1. Exfoliate everywhere, this will increase the longevity of your tan.

  2. Shave; 24 hours before your tan is recommended.

  3. Do not wear make-up, powders, lotions, deodorants, or oils the day of your appointment.  If you are unable to plan your tan just after showering these should be rinsed off before your appointment for the best sunless results.  Failure to rinse off may cause an uneven tan.

  4. Eyebrow waxing should be done before your tan, if desired.


  1. Rinse your tan according to development guidelines (1-8 hours) with cold water, light pressure, and no soap.

  2. Upon rinsing, the bronzers will rinse off.  This in NO way affects the color of your tan.

  3. The color of your tan is fully developed approximately 24 hours after your first spray tan rinse. 

  4. If an area looks like the bronzers collected (ex. bends of arms, neck, and under arms) after your first shower; use a washcloth to buff the area out using light pressure.


The tent that is set up inside your home is quite large. Ideal areas to set up are open areas such as large bathrooms, walk-in showers, kitchens, and even garages. Any known allergies that would apply to spray tanning or your skin should be addressed before your appointment. For a full list of ingredients, please contact me directly. 

Will my tan fade faster at the beach?

Sand is a natural exfoliant and will cause your tan to fade faster than normal. 

Does a spray tan give me a base tan, making me less likely to burn?

No, you should always use sunscreen while outdoors. A spray tan does not replace sunscreen.

Can I workout right after getting sprayed?

It is not recommended. Perspiration could cause running/fading of your tan.

Can I get in the pool or hot tub with my tan?

Chlorine can make your tan fade faster, but yes you can. 

How do I maximize the longevity of my tan?

Heavy moisturizing, light shaving, and proper before and after care (see above).

What should I wear during my spray tan?

It is your choice to spray with or without undergarments. Keep in mind for big events how these tan lines will show.



Universal Color

Perfect for Fair-skinned Clients

Darkest Tan Option

8 Hour Waiting Period Before Rinse


Universal Color

Perfect for Fair-skinned Clients

Darkest Tan Option

1-4 Hour Waiting Period Before Rinse


Perfect for Olive and Yellow Skin Tones

Medium to Dark Brown-based rather than Golden Tan

8 Hour Waiting Period Before Rinse

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